• Bibliographie digitale

    SERGE LUTENS (extraits)

    Création de la section bibliographie du site Serge Lutens.
    / Creation of the literature section on the Serge Lutens website.

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  • a tribute to purity

    evian - ELIE SAAB Limited Edition 2014

    Édition limitée evian - Elie Saab, "A Tribute to Purity".
    / evian - Elie Saab Limited Edition, "A Tribute to Purity".

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  • premium cognacs

    BISQUIT Dubouché & Cie.

    Lancement du nouveau site institutionnel.
    / Launch of the new corporate website.

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  • 150 ans de porcelaine


    Conception et réalisation du "Carnet d'Émotion".
    / Conception and production of the "Carnet d'Émotion".

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For a human-size job

More than an agency, a workshop.


Brand strategy and activation

Consulting expertise from the marketing problematic to its implementation.

Fully Tailored

From conception to production of your projects:
Digital / Print / Packaging / Identity.

Films, Social Networks, Partnerships

Activation of the most appropriate tools to deliver the best brand experience.

We are conviced that a fully tailored creation is the best answer

A Bespoke approach.




VERSUS rénové ! Les travaux sont finis : on vous offre un café ?
VERSUS gets a lift up - it's finished: come by for a coffee!
Stages Créa On vous accueille à l'agence accompagné de votre Book jobs@agence-versus.com.
 Internships - Creative Assistant
We're looking for interns, hit us with your book / resumé we'll be happy to meet you: jobs@agence-versus.com.
ISSEY MIYAKE Pleats Please Dernières créations sont en cours de finalisation !
/ Last creations are being worked on, we'll show them soon !

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